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Postcard Set
Postcard Set

Postcard Set

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This set of three 4"x6" postcards kicks off our 2019 TeenPact Creates art contest.  


Calling all artists, photographers, and creative minds!

What did your TeenPact experience mean to you? How did this experience impact your life? What if you could share your experience through your art? Enter our 25th Anniversary Art Contest and share your original creation with the TeenPact Nation.

Entries should capture an element of TeenPact that you love or show how TeenPact has impacted your life. If selected, your art will be featured in our limited edition 25th Anniversary postcard collection.

Submit your artwork by April 20 at teenpact.com/teenpactcreates.


The designs of 25 TeenPacters will be chosen for this special edition postcard collection to be sold in the TeenPact Store. All TeenPact Students (8+) and Alumni may enter and are eligible to win.