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Most likely you’ve ended up here because you need help from a real human being. And that’s great! We have one of those. Lex is our customer service guru!

We are a very small team, so filling out this contact form really is the best way to contact us (not a Facebook message or Instagram comment). If what you need is to RETURN or EXCHANGE and item, click here! Or if you have any questions like “Where are your shirts made?”, “Can I intern for walk in love.?”, “Where do I put the discount code?”, “Do you have any more cats to giveaway?” or anything of that nature, please make sure you take a minute to check out our FAQs page… which will hopefully answer most of your questions. If not, go ahead a shoot us an email via this contact form. That’s what it’s here for.

E-mail Lex : hello@shopwalkinlove.com


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